Kanekalon is one of the most popular synthetic materials for making wigs. Japan is the birthplace of kanekalon, though nowadays it is known worldwide

Kanekalon resembles natural hair as much as possible because there are substances of an organic origin (to be more exact – seaweed) in it. Speaking about its structure – kanekalon is a very easy and durable fibre, therefor kanekalon products serve much longer and look much more natural, than wigs from other synthetic materials.

In the first decades after the invention of kanekalon, there were only 42 natural colours in the colour scale. During the manufacturing of kanekalon it’s exposed to serious heat treatment. Thanks to this, locks of kanekalon do not break at combing and can keep waves.

Nowadays there are approximately 120 different colours of kanekalon. The wigs from Wicked Wigs are all made from kanekalon.