How to put on a wig correctly

This guide will focus on synthetic wigs. However most information provided here can be used for real hair wigs too.

Jaimie shows you how to put on a wig.

We advise you to always use a wigcap, even if you have short hair or no hair. A wigcap ensures that your wig has more “grip” than your own hair. This way you can keep your wig in better shape.


  1. Pull the wigcap all the way over your head so that fits like a necklace around your neck.
  2. Remove all your hair from the wigcap and make sure your hair is behind your ears.
  3. Place the wigcap on your hairline and pull it up. Make sure the wide band (elastic) stays on your hairline.
  4. Make sure all your hair is inside the wigcap. If necessary, spread it so that you do not have any strange “bumps”.
  5. Use the hooks in the back of your wig to set it to the desired size.
  6. When the wig is on your head you can “set” the wig with the 2 hard “flaps” that need to be in front of your ears.
  7. When the “flaps” are in front of your ears, the wig is set straight. If necessary, you can brush the wig.

Now you’ve put your wig on correctly, enjoy!

Multifluffyness shows you how to put on a wig when you have longer hair.