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    Brief history

    Three years ago we closed our brick and mortar store in Eindhoven and continued as an online store. During these past 3 years we still had a lot of people asking us if they can come over to try the wigs we sell, but since we closed our store, we had to say no. This did not feel right, so after 3 years, we are back!

    We have decided it is time again for a showroom and we turned one of our spare rooms into one! If you were familiar with our store, you will recognize the large wall of wigs again and most importantly, it is only 2 doors down from where our store was!

    We have over 130 wigs on display, wigcare products and even custom made earrings! You can pay with either cash or card. Parking can be done on the street (approx. 2 euros per hour) and there is a bus stop nearby. Just ring the doorbell and I will buzz you in.

    So send us an email ( or a text (040-8451482) to make an appointment. Please let us know your name, e-mail address and telephone number. Jaimie will see when the next available slot is and we can go from there! (you cannot just come by, since the showroom is located in our house and we are not available all the time)

    On a side note: we deeply regret to inform that people in a wheelchair won’t be able to access our showroom, since it is on the second floor and we don’t have an elevator. You need to be able to walk 2 flights of stairs.