What does it mean when an item is in backorder? 

If a wig is out of stock, the button has changed to 'Backorder'. You pay your backorder item up front and will be placed on an order list. 

Out of stock wigs have no guaranteed date when they will be back in stock.  We can only give you a guestimate because we rely on our suppliers. 

If you have ordered an in stock and back order item at the same time, we will ship everything out at the same time. If you want to receive your in stock item before that, please let us know. This is possible when paying for extra shipping for this item.

Backorder items are ordered 1x per 3 weeks. If you need your item sooner, send us before you order, an e-mail. That way we can see what can be done. If we order a wig outside of our ordertime, we will charge you 5 euros extra on top of your total. A backorder item has a delivery time of 1-7 weeks after payment is received. Keep this in mind please. If you have any questions about your backorder, please send us an email or whatsapp. 

When do I get my package? 

Orders will be shipped within 2 workingsdays after we receive your payment. Backorder items will also be shipped within 2 working days, after we have received the item(s) (1-7 weeks delivery time) 

Why a backorder item?

We only have limited space in our storage, but we do want to offer you an extended collection of wigs.